Yvon A. Watkins

Yvon A. Watkins
Assistant Manager
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Yvon Watkins began working at Anjo Insurances in July 1976. He’d been working with Pan American Airways as an accountant for 11 years when he was offered a position as a supervisor in the underwriting department at Anjo insurances. Today he is the assistant manager and reflects on his 37 years with a quiet discourse that lends itself to the tranquillity of the working environment.

“We’re just a happy bunch of people here … the environment is comfortable, the staff pleasant and the remuneration appropriate, so there has been really no need for me to seek other avenues through the years. … I mean there is always the possibility of a more competitive salary somewhere, but would you be as comfortable? I don’t think so,” Yvon explains. “I liked the family unit they created at the company with a small compliment of staff. When I was first here, up until recent, management would consult with you, if a position was open … they’d seek first within the company to see if someone who was already here was suitable to fill the position, and then they’d asked for recommendations, so persons would suggest family members and so on, granted they had the suitable requirements of course. So that helped to build that strong family unity.”

At one point, Yvon’s own daughter had worked at Anjo Insurances as well, in the underwriting department. Noting that as a young man attending the Antigua Grammar School, he was not as serious as he could have been about his academics, especially mathematics, he chuckles as he recalls his sudden enthusiasm with the subject in order to qualify for the physics programme which would have been shared classes with the girls from the Antigua Girls’ High School. Although he was successful with his Cambridge O-levels, he admits that he became overwhelmed with the advanced level portion in sixth form and discontinued, much to his mother’s dismay. Still encouraging him, however, Yvon notes that one thing he has always respected about the Anjo Group is their  encouragement for persons to further their education and personal development.

As such, Yvon holds a Certificate of Proficiency from the Chartered Insurance Institute in the United Kingdom. Although some may argue that the insurance business can be a boring one, Yvon disagrees and has enjoyed meeting the varying clients over the years, and encountering a wide array of personalities. “You also come across interesting situations, and sometimes sad ones … those are difficult at times, especially where someone loses everything.”

Noting Anjo Insurances’ dedication to making clients more comfortable, he speaks highly of their open door policy, where clients are free to visit the office or call an agent with any and all concerns. “We encourage everyone to read their policies, and if you’re unsure of something, we encourage you to come in and have your concerns addressed.”