Insurance of Money

The Insurers are prepared to issue policies providing an indemnity against


(a) whilst being conveyed by messenger and/or employee to or from any of the Insured’s premises or contract sites;
(b) whilst on any of the Insured’s premises by
(i) theft following forcible entry from locked safe or strongroom (including damage to the safe or ;strongroom) or by
(b) hold-up


The policy does not cover:-
(i) shortages due to error or omission;
(ii) war, civil war, riot, civil commotion, etc., or nuclear risks;
(iii) confiscation, detention, nationalisation, requisition or willful destruction by any government, public, municipal, local or customs authority;
(iv) loss on promises which at times are closed unless the money is in a locked safe or strongroom;
(v) loss arising through theft by an employee except whilst acting as a messenger and then only if such theft is discovered within seven working days of its occurance. If the insured holds a Fidelity Guarantee Policy which also applied the Insurers are relieved of liability under the Money Policy except in respect of any excess beyond the amount which would have been payable under the Fidelity Guarantee Policy had the Money Policy not been affected;
(vi) loss from a safe or strongroom following use of the safe or strongroom key or any duplicate thereof belonging to the Insured unless this has been obtained by threat or by violence to any person.


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