Motor Vehicle (Marine Transit)



From the commencement of loading of the insured vehicle on board the carrying vessel, conveyance or aircraft at the port or place of loading until completion of the unloading of the insured vehicle at the port or place of discharge, if no other insurance is in force the policy is extended to cover the insured vehicle whilst on quay or in warehouse before or after shipment for a period not exceeding 72 hours.


All risks of physical loss of or damage to the insured vehicle. In the event of a claim for loss of or damage to any part or parts of the insured vehicle the Company shall not be liable for more than the cost of repairing or replacing such parts. If the insured vehicle is over 15 years old the cost of replacing lost or damaged component parts of the vehicle shall not exceed the manufacturer’s last list price of the component parts.


The Company shall not be liable for :-
(a) The first $100 of any claim (minimum)
(b) Third Party Liability howsoever arising
(c) Loss of or damage to the insured vehicle whilst being driven or for the purpose of being driven under its own power.
(d) Mechanical or electrical breakdowns failures or breakages.
N.B. The proposer is recommended to keep in force cover under the Motor Vehicle Road Risks Policy whilst the vehicle is being driven on and off any car ferry