Public Liability One Off Events Insurance

Third party liability is no party at all when you’re not covered.

It’s troublesome when your business is held liable for the injury of a third party or the damage of property, and it can be harmful to your business’ development. Adding to the already present stresses and concerns for your business, you also have to worry about any possible injury or damage due to circumstances out of your control. Protect your business and its employees with insurance that covers such occurrences.

Massy United Insurance’s Third Party Liability policy covers your liability to third parties for:

  • Accidental injury to any person
  • Accidental damage to property, except:
    1. Property belonging to your business (the Insured) or within your custody or control.
    2. Property connected to your business (the Insured) that is in the custody or control of any employee during the period of insurance.

This policy is extendable, ensuring your policy benefits meet the specific needs of your company. Contact your local agent to discuss the extension possibilities, and then complete a proposal form so that we can provide you with a quotation.

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