Be Ready For Anything.

Your business is important to us. It’s that simple! What is not simple is the various types of risks that your business and your bottom line can face. Every business, no matter the size and type, should consider these insurance solutions as you truly never know what can happen.

Whether you are in the street food business, have a water sports booth at the beach or fall under any type of corporate services, the spectrum of business types for these insurance solutions is endless. The common denominator is being prepared for the mishaps that may befall your business.

Public and Products Liability Insurance will provide your business with coverage that is crucial when it comes to the compensation of legal liability to third parties. As a service provider, you may encounter situations where your business faces various types of legal liability and this is where our Public and Products Liability policy kicks in to provide you with the coverage you need. You may need this policy in situations


Such As

  • When an accidental injury occurs to any person (other than an employee)
  • When accidental damage occurs to: Property (other than property belonging to you or which is in your custody/control; Property in the custody/control of any of your employees as a result of negligence or malfunctioning equipment or facilities)